Odds and Ends

by Pile

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A collection of songs from 2010-2017 that were either on EPs, compilations or just omitted from other records for one reason or another.

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released September 7, 2018

All tracks mastered by Carl Saff. Artwork by Nicole Rifkin. Click each track for its credits.


all rights reserved




please drop us a line if you know of unconventional and all ages spaces we could play.


US: ghorbal@apa-agency.com


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Licensing: syncteam@terrorbird.com
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Track Name: Special Snowflakes
Morning comes with birds and kids talking to themselves
For some reason
And wrists can vibrate at a comfortable rate
To get you to sleep or keep you from it

He wears that hole in his shoe with real grace
And if he wears it right he just might have
A leg up on everyone, but it’d feel so good
They’d all watch him tie those gold laces
And they become things he can’t stop tying
Becoming grateful and bitter for his brand new handicap
And holding the ropes that he’d been thrust upon
He can’t get his hands off his feet to enjoy the walk
Now it’s tough to tell if ever he was real
Just knows the crunch of his new boots crushes all special snowflake

Choke the evil out
Smoke the evil out
Stroke the evil out
Choke the evil out

It’s satisfied by removing chunks of dead skin
It turns it on the same way
It couldn’t keep a straight face staring at it, it turns it on

With that mirror you force yourself to stare
And you stink of the holiness they soaked you in
It ends up driving you bored and drinking you numb
So special for a minute, though.

He wears that hole in his shoe with the same face
And if he wears it right he just might have
To keep that leg up on everyone
Because it feels so good
They’d all watch him tie those gold laces
And they become things he can’t stop tying
Gratefully bitter for that old handicap
And gripping the ropes that he holds himself on
Feet paraded on high as his hands take the walk
Now it’s tough to tell if ever he was real
Just knows the crunch of those old boots keeps him a special snowflake
Track Name: Mama's Lipstick
Dreams of wearing Mother’s pearls
With her bright red lipstick on
Chest out like a proud son
Everything covered in form
A strangled lust was thrown
To float into death alone.

You miss the things that turn you pink
But those acts can’t be touched
And neither can you
Nor speak it straight

A shriek that ran out of gas
prompts yawns that you try and hide
Why wait for death
When you can achieve senility

I love you so much but I just might run out
It all means so much but it never matters enough.
Track Name: Keep the Last Light On
Keep the last light on
Maybe he’ll come home soon
He had such bravado and now he’s sustained by a tube
Such a masculine model
One for god to rip through

Mourning the loss of someone who’s still there
Or that’s what you want to know
If he’s just changed shapes or lives in the air
And if he’s okay with letting go

It’s a tough act to follow
Trying to gracefully lose
Track Name: Cup
No more nightmares of pornography
Just staying awake in plastic sheets
Your hair is drenched in your fever
And stewing in a zip lock bag

Show me the blade that’s bigger than my chest
And I don’t need from where you drink from
I’ve got dreams in my pocket and a couple in my hand
And I hurl them swifter than curses

I am not as lonely when there’s no one around

Your wife was born without lips
And you were so in love
You only discovered it last week
But I have some makeup you can borrow

You can come over and we can both
Try to stuff those teeth back in our heads

Where you can’t stay
I am only lonely whenever you’re around
Track Name: Pigeon Song
It sits only in places it never should
Try and move it through better but it wouldn’t do much good

Took off as graceful as a wounded bird
It looks and does some of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard

It sells all stories out of a brown paper bag
I tried to trade one for bread
Got a story free instead
Track Name: Afraid of Home
I’m bored of all I can afford
It’s the other person’s fault
It’s mine, it’s yours
It’s a failure we’ve endorsed
And I’m the sinner. And I’m
One more
Hour to ignore

It could be the same day
Out in space, I lost my place
Now I’m afraid of home
Track Name: Scissors
Made it with a wall
And followed by a burp
Of medication that’s to treat my skins worms

You can force yourself to eat
When you have had enough
You can turn trash into things
That you can learn to love

How do you turn this thing off?
And why is it wearing those clothes?

Thanks for the scissors
That I haven’t used
I thought you were Moses
But I got confused
Why am I north of you?
Sigh on my boring tooth
Lie, it’d be nice of you
I think I’m trying too hard

Soap and water
On your daughter
To get her as clean as she was
At the time you bought her
Before you caught her
Swimming in oil and fuzz

Stop picking at it
It’ll never heal
Stroked it till the pus came out wrong
Scarred as you came

Spread out thinly on
A carpet made of hair
Talking with everyone but no one’s actually there
Track Name: Whistle
It’s like they were vampires
It’s like they don’t have a soul
It’s strange, their way of letting you know
It’s like they’re poorly evolved
Like an ignorant, stubborn child
And they’re invasive ways are coming into their own

You signed up and now weep in line
What was all good you have blown
And you need someone to carry your load

You go find a way
To go out and start a war
I know I used to say when and now I say what for
Breaking bones like it was my goal
The hand I hold is my own
And how I’d love to carry your load
Track Name: Big Web
Suffered the old ones
To buffer the new
And set up some glass walls
That we can crawl through
Paid tribute to old skin
All tried and true
But lied

Stuck to the ceiling
After sleeping in glue
I tried to come down
But my jaw hurts to chew
My eyes fell out
They’re right next to you
Are those mine?
I thought that I should ask
I stare up at you and wonder how
I could ever live inside
Only to crawl up into your womb
That I manipulate for a modern life

Let’s take off all our clothes and all of our names
I’m sick of being scared of being sick
All of my files were fucked and confused
And they already made me cut off my dick

I think I fucked myself
It might have fucked you too
Is that alright?

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