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Hot Air Balloon EP

by Pile

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Slowly claws at walls of blue Sinking even though it's as fast as I can move Lights marble bright above me The shapes get small and there's nowhere to land Watching a film through a pinhole And it imitates suspense Through disbelief And relief from consequence Does it now look different Or still like emptiness That's been lined with all you're inclined To protect The haul is long and I left my brain at home It's almost dawn and my feet still hang below
The birds attacked my hot air balloon Their shrieks heard over the torch These skies belong to them So i begin my descent The wind keeps my eyes from being open So in roaring dark I plummet quietly And try to think of nothing A breath has been hanging and securely from a hook A wild swipe at control to see which takes me first I could see your house from here if I bothered to look Now all that I can do is think of those birds
You buried Its nose in it It took its punishment Still doesn't know what it did And then it was dismissed Never spoke of it again You don't Understand how one could Spend so much time alone I'd never expect you to Because it's for someone else You said it in your way that there is no one here for them now That they're in this on their own As if they had thought it was any other way But they can count on those closest to them Only for a reminder
Eagle eyes The voice is needed louder than thought Wheels are spun until all traction is gone Rest will come When it's known what it's not But until then Exits blocked And countless paces off But you push off and push it down No one else will hold you down Supervise I need to know which one is wrong Laps are run before anything's begun Rest will come when letting go of what you want But until then Exits blocked And countless paces off But you push off and push it down No one else will hold you down
You sit here with the same view And try to see something different But it's still only a mess There are always some sour grapes to deliver Or you could just chase a fly near your nose Or be surrounded and alone Whatever works, I suppose Could always hide That's a thing you get to decide Trying to stay open and listening Because I don't know much Except that there's more than my reflection in a window That and I don't always need it closed Take all the time you need And be prepared to wait patiently That's a thing you get to decide


Hot Air Balloon EP released on Exploding In Sound Records on January 5th, 2024.

Described as “detailed and evocative” (Pitchfork) as well as “sweeping and surprisingly beautiful” (NPR) by the press, Pile’s latest album All Fiction feels like a landmark in the band’s evolution. Sixteen years since the project’s inception and the band’s creative focus remains their driving force, reshaping their sound in pursuit of texturally rewarding music. There’s a sense of discovery that permeates through All Fiction, it’s the start of a new chapter. While many had come to expect Pile’s music to be heavy and abrasive, the band has proven themselves equally adept at building atmosphere and surrealist tranquility. They eschew stagnancy by leaning into experimental soundscapes, rewarding their open-mindedness with the ambitious structures, alternate tunings, and the wrought tension that Pile has become synonymous with over the years.

Pile - the trio of Rick Maguire, Kris Kuss, and Alex Molini - found inspiration in the studio while working on All Fiction, working tirelessly to record, experiment, manipulate, mutate, and layer the songs with lush orchestration, haunting synths, and abstract textures. Challenging the confines of the standard “rock band,” they took inspiration from artists like Portishead and Aphex Twin, reigniting their passion as they explored their sound in a new realm. The sessions resulted in a flutter of productivity and before the band knew it they had completed well over a dozen songs, stretching far beyond the confines of a single LP’s runtime. After much deliberation, songs were pulled from the record, never a “trimming of the fat” but more of a consideration of which songs were able to stand best on their own.

With the band’s US tour currently underway, Pile announce their next release, Hot Air Balloon EP, a collection of five songs recorded during the All Fiction sessions. Set for release on January 5th, 2024, the record captures the band experimenting in all directions, from the direct to the further abstract. Following the release of “Scaling Walls,” a song Paste Magazine called “a contemplative slow-burn,” the band introduce the EP with the quasi title track, “The Birds Attacked My Hot Air Balloon,” a song that finds Pile in a more surrealist state, the meditative composition bristling with shuffling rhythms and brilliantly disorienting synths.


released January 5, 2024

Performed by:
Kris Kuss // Rick Maguire // Alex Molini

Tracked and mixed by Kevin S. McMahon at Marcata Recording in New Paltz, New York
from October to December of 2O21. Assistant engineering by Alex Molini,
Produced by Pile and Kevin S. McMahon
Mastered by Amar Lal at Macro Sound
Art by Gideon Bok


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